1. When is the mint date?

December 11th, 11PM UTC. To know the exact time in your City, go to this page and enter your City:


2. What will the price be?

1.25 SOL. Check How To Mint for more information on the entire process of minting. 

3. What is the utility? Is there anything other than the art?

YES! Absolutely. Please check out our full Roadmap. Here are a few highlights:

  1. BOSS Token, earning and staking. 
  2. Metaverse with P2E (Play to Earn) game,  in-game upgrades, and more. 
  3. Boss Incubator, helping smaller projects get started in exchange for benefits to our Club members. 
  4. Ultra-realistic action figures of popular BOSS Bulls in 1/6 and 1/18 scale.

View our full Roadmap

4. How do I get whitelisted? When will the pre-sale be?

We are not doing pre-sales or whitelisting. Everyone will get the same fair chance to mint a Boss Bull on mint day. 

5. How many Boss Bulls will be available?

There will only be 9,999 Boss Bulls. Each one will be truly unique and exclusive (see Rarity), and you will own all the rights to it. Owning a Boss Bull will come with several benefits, such as using one in the Metaverse and accessing our prestigious Club. Read more about it in our Roadmap

1. How do I mint a Boss Bull?

We have a detailed explanation on How To Mint, but in summary: 

  1. Buy SOL from an exchange
  2. Transfer SOL to your wallet
  3. On mint day, visit our website, connect your wallet, and mint as many as you wish. 

2. Who is the team behind it?

You can read more about it on the Team page. In summary, we are experienced professionals with high standards and a love for doing things right. We hope to exceed all your expectations!