1. How can BOSS be used?

To mint new NFTS on special candy machines, paid as staking reward, and pay for upgrades in our P2E Game. More uses will come up as the feature matures.

2. How will BOSS be distributed?

Initially, it will be airdropped to NFT holders (one reason to hodl your Boss Bull). Further supply will be distributed as a reward for staking (another reason to hodl), and by completing challenges in our Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. 

3. Where can I swap other tokens for BOSS tokens?

Liquidity pools will be created on Raydium and Saber, and swapping will occur mostly on these two platforms. If the project requires, we can fork an existing code to create BOSS Swap and BOSS Finance, but we anticipate this will not be necessary.

4. How to store BOSS?

It will be a token on the Solana network, so any Solana wallet (like Phantom) will do.

5. What will be the name and symbol?

BOSS will be used as for both name and symbol.

6. Do you have a logo?

Yes, we do...

BOSS Logo Coin